Alexandra Hardwick

I am Alex Hardwick. I run Line and Dot Creative design agency. I started the business nearly 6 years ago and run a very ‘light’ business only hiring freelancers when needed and not having any physical premises. My website is

I had always wanted to work in a charity as a graphic designer. So after graduating in the subject, I applied to lots of charities (I lived in London so luckily lots of HQ for the main charities). My first role was nearly 8 months after graduating – which felt like ages!! It was for the British Heart Foundation and it gave me such great experience. I remember how nervous I was at the interview and how hard it was to compile a portfolio to present! I find going for any creative jobs, a portfolio is such good support for the interview process. It is your work, that you know inside out, so it is easy to talk about passionately – even when nervous!

Hmmm it is something I still tell myself – you are so much more capable than you even know. When starting my business I had in my head ‘I can’t do sales, I can’t do finance’ and 5 1/2 years later I have managed both for my business. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone and challenge what I believe myself capable of 🙂