What has worked for other people?

Success looks very different depending on who you are and what you want from life.  Take a look at other people’s recommendations. What challenges have they overcome and how did they do it?

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Planning day to day

From – A working mum.

What the problem was:  I was clear on my goals and I knew what I wanted but I just couldn’t get it done. I wanted to accomplish lots of tasks in the day, however, I struggled to do tasks that weren’t in my general routine.  I felt every day was the same and I wasn’t making any progress.

What worked for me? :  A monthly planner – I purchased the Acrobis Planner from Amazon.  This helped me create a system to successfully manage my life and work goals.  With this planner, I made a list of my goals that I wanted to achieve with a completion date.  I then used the planner to break down the goal to 4 quarterly milestones.  Using 1 quarterly milestone I then broke up into smaller weekly and daily tasks.  Only after achieving this would I move onto the next quarter.  This was a game-changer for me.